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Nutritive value of breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis, Park) and cassava (Manihot dulcis) in concentrate supplements of goats fed a basal diet of batiki grass


AUTHORS: E.M. Aregheore

KEY WORDS: breadfruit, cassava, concentrate, intake, growth, digestibility, goats

PAGE: 615 - 623

ABSTRACT: In a completely randomized design experiment, the nutritive value of breadfruit and cassava flours was compared using 12 growing goats, 18-20 months old, with a pre-experimental body weight of 21.1 ±0.22 kg in an experiment lasting 56 days. Voluntary feed intake, liveweight and apparent digestibility of nutrients were measured. Voluntary feed intake (concentrate + forage) did not differ (P>0.05) among the goats fed the two carbohydrate sources. Daily liveweight gain was higher (PO.05) in goats fed the breadfruit flour concentrate. Dry matter digestibility was better (PO.05) in goats on the breadfruit diet. However, the digestibilities of crude protein and total digestible nutrients were similar in both breadfruit and cassava flour diets. Crude fibre and ether extract were better (PO.05) digested in goats on the cassava flour diet, however, nitrogen-free extracts and metabolisable energy were higher (PO.05) in goats on the breadfruit flour diet. The growth rate, voluntary feed intake and apparent nutrient digestibility coefficients of the goats demonstrated that breadfruit is also a good source of energy and carbohydrate compared with cassava. It is therefore recommended that the fruits of breadfruit could be processed and fed to goats and other ruminant livestock. However, breadfruit's importance in human nutrition may restrict its use in Pacific Island countries as a carbohydrate and energy source in livestock nutrition.

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