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A note on the effect of feeding local forages to commercial layers on egg production and yolk colour


AUTHORS: A. Teguia

KEY WORDS: layers, egg production, yolk colour, forage leaves, artificial pigmentor

PAGE: 391 - 396

ABSTRACT: The effect of fcedrngArachis glabrata, Leucaena leucocephala, Calliandra calothyrsus or Desmodium spp. leaves to commercial layer on egg production and yolk colour was compared with the effect of feeding an artificial yolk pigmentor (Carophyl ®). Percent hen-day production averaging 77.4 and 74.7%, respectively for hens fed on Desmodium spp. and Leucaena leucocephala leaves, were significantly (PO.05) higher than egg production in the control group. No significant difference was recorded among treatment groups for shell thickness. Yolk colour in groups fed forage leaves ranges between 6.76 and 9.83 and was significantly better than in control group (2.35). It was concluded that any of the studied forage leaves could be used to supply xanthophyll to commercial layers with no detrimental effect on egg production and quality.

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